Monday, September 19, 2005



On the way home now. Full details will follow.

The morning of the start, at the peak of my delusional gluttony, I changed my race registration to 3 laps.

Some questions were answered :

Why don't more people enter? Because they have much more sense than we do.

Why do so few finish? Because its hard! Not just 136.2 miles and 7500 feet of climbing per lap hard, but this is upstate New York in September. The temps at the mountain tops can (and do) get well below 40 degrees. This is also the rainy season in these mountains. The Adirondacks get more rain than Seattle during this time of year. Of all the things we battle on looooong rides, cold and wet are for me the hardest to overcome.

What makes one drop out so close to the end? I could now give you at least 40 good reasons.

What am I getting myself into? Some serious punishment.

Why am I even considering doing this?! Well..... I'm still not totally sure, but I guess I just want to go somewhere I've never been.

Way to go JB! Congrats on the huge ride! I'm looking forward to reading your account of three laps.
Thanks Kurt,
I got some good photos and am in the process of gettting them up. Having some minor tech probs w/my laptop.
Man you were right when you said something about having your wits about you on that downhill at night. Add some driving rain snd it was a real white knuckled rush.
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