Monday, November 14, 2005


Amazing Races

The Red Bull Road Rage was completed last weekend and reports are here , here, and there. It was the first year for this downhill road race with 2000 feet of elevation drop in 2.5 miles. Before the race there was a bunch of speculation as to what type of equipment would perform best, 700c tires and drop bars were required. Entry was by invitation only, with notables including Brian Lopes, Bob Roll, Steve Bauer and Marla Streb (who at the age of 40 is pregnant). Carl Decker below was one of the lightest guys there and tried to lessen the disadvantage by putting a water bottle full of pennies in the lower cage! Photo stolen from Nick

The race started with a timed seeding run, followed by an individual time trial with riders off in 1 minute intervals, the fastest seeds going last. Part 2 took the top 16 riders and sent them down in groups of four, with the fastest two of each grouping advancing! Many different setups showed, but the winning combination seemed to be a rigid road bike fitted with disc brakes. Riders wore full coverage helmets and full body armor.

Mountain bike racer Myles Rockwell from Durango won the TT AND the group race. He was on a 3 year old Giant road bike frame with Avid mechanical disc brakes.

Off in Costa Rica La Ruta de los Conquistadores took place. Billed as the toughest mountain bike race in the world it covers close to 300 miles and over 20000 feet of climbing in 3 separate stages. It never ceases to amaze me how many crazy endurance freaks are out there pushing themselves to new limits of agony and ecstasy. Check out this guy who competed in cut-off jean shorts and sandals. WHAT!?!?! Do those come with cleats? It must work for him as it's his 8th La Ruta. His mama got it right when she named him. Also of note is local Virginy boy Jeremiah Bishop coming in 3rd place. WTG!

Go hop on two wheels and get your freak on!


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