Thursday, November 17, 2005


Cross Race This Weekend

I've never been to a CycloCross Race but if it's anything like this it sure looks like something I'd like to do. My buddy Phil is organizing the race with the 3Sports people at Chimborazo Park in Richmond this weekend. I'm headed up there to yell, scream, ring the bell, and watch some real sufferin'. Pre-race course photos and info are here. These Cross races look like they start out at a full sprint and then get faster. You have to sprint carrying your bike over obstacles, barriers and in this case up steps. That pretty much covers all the things I can't do on and off a bike. Which is why I'm dying to give it a try next year.

I first met Phil at Lodi Farms shortly after I started mountain biking. He and Craig set up pits next to us for the 12 hour race. We had a generator but decided it wasn't really necessary as our lights would last the 7 hours of darkness. When Phil heard we had the genny, he quickly produced an expresso machine and we fired it up for an 11PM pre-race caffeine fix. Fresh expresso deep in the woods before mountain biking at midnight. How great is THAT!!? That's when Jason named Phil the Java-Meister.

Chimborazo Park was destroyed by the hurricane last year and a bunch of hard work was spent restoring it to a usable, rideable area. The Park marks the site of the largest Confederate Hospital of the Cival War. So if you get a chance and are near the area stop by and check out the crazy vibe. If you see Phil out there give him handshake, wave, or high 5 in thanks for all the time and effort he put into this thing. He's out there spreading the joy of it all just for the love of the ride. And he Loves2Ride as much as anyone I know.

I'll also get to ride the James River Park System mountain bike trails that run right through downtown Richmond Virginy. You can now do a loop that's crosses the James Riva' twice. The Nisson Extera Off-Road Triathlon series uses these trails. The Forest Hills section is supposed to be tight, twisty, steep, and technical. Jeremiah Bishop gives his review of the ride here.



I very much so look fwd to it!
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