Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The Dogg has His Day

The 60 degree temperature at 7AM brought a big group out for the Seven15er, at least 15 riders as we left the Blue Moon and we multiplied like rabbits on the way up Atlantic, scooping up all comers. As I said before there IS no off season for the cross guys and no rest for the wicked. We went out fast and furious with K-dogg and Dag setting the early tempo then the Dogg makes a snot drippin' solo break stick from the bridge on in. NICE! Probably the fastest full 7:15 loop of the year - and I thought the season was over! WHAT!?! I guess we officially started next years training.

The 8AM was actually smaller but no less intense as K-Dogg and JLaw took off like they had a plane to catch. At the end of Shore on the second loop the pace had the group splintered to pieces. THEN many went to the Base for hill repeats! I had no time today, I'll get mine in tomorrow.

In the parking lot after the ride Guy gets hit by, of all vehicles - a flippin' Hummer. Thankfully neither he nor his bike are damaged. I guess she was trying to beat him to a parking space. Here's what I have to say about that:
Doug showed up to chat and have some java at the post-ride Panera coffee break. Glad to hear he's healing well after being banged up by a bus while riding his bike a few months ago.

Tomorrows forecast - high of 80, and many up/downs.

RideOn - the new season HAS started!


Hummer--Mc'Ds in background--I think I see the connection. Fabulous photo.
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