Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Up/Down x21

There's no doubt that we live in one of the flattest places on earth. So if you find a hill you just have to ride it over and over and over etc. etc. Some people can roll out the driveway and right up a 2000 foot climb. Not us!

We ARE having some really nice weather with a high of 80 today. This will end soon, so it's time to enjoy it while we can.

I was a bit disappointed when I saw the road to "the hill" was closed at both ends this morning. Then I thought "Hey, those cones must be just for cars, my bike can easily fit right between them," and onward I went. Only here at the beach can you ride for 37 minutes and only climb 20 feet. I think it felt more like 25 but what the heck. Then it was up/down and repeat. It was sorta like swimming laps in that after about 5 I lost track of how many I did. Unfortunately once in the "climbing groove" the hill was over and it was back down to the bottom to do it again. Did some standing, some seated, tried different gears all the while concentrating on efficient pedal strokes. There's a climber in me somewhere just dying to get out. It was a great day and nice to be out there. Tomorrow the front comes through and the temps will drop.

After 6 months without I started using the HRM/bike computer thing again. I find I get too wrapped up in the #'s if I use it year round. It'll be interesting to sit down and compare some stuff to last year. It does give you bunches and bunches of data to dwell on:

Hope everyone is having a great day



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