Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Cold is as Cold Does

Temperature is a relative thing, until your skin freezes. Thankfully it wasn't near that cold today. But at 28 degrees with an 18-20mph north wind it was cold enough. Add another 20mph of bike speed (if we were goin that fast) when you're heading into that wind and it'll get your attention.

The 7:15er started with just two, then Austin hopped in a few blocks after we rolled out. Good to see others keeping the cold weather dream alive. We did the manly thing and let the lady go first --->
Workin' a good 3 person pace line we got through wind and the loop nicely. A great way to start the day.

Added about 5 more at the 8AM and fought up through the wind once more. DAG is back and recovered from us tearin' up the homestead. It was nice of him to provide his house as locale for the Christmas party.

<--That's a V for Very cold or Very windy, or probably both.

Those are some frozen smiles. Except Art, he's back there with a suspicious grin thinkin' "Just get me up near that bridge so I can drop you all."



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