Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Awww Just Wake Up and Ride

Woke up at 5AM as usual, shut off the alarm clock then rolled over........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Secondary alarm on the Polar kicks in @ 6:00 and snaps me out of it. I ride 5 days a week, taking Monday and Thursday off. Pretty much been that way for 2 1/2 years now since I started back cycling again. Sometimes I'll throw in another day if I'm out traveling, but its unusual to actually miss a day. Temp was 28 degrees with a 10mph wind, no biggy, and the forecast was for clear skies. For some reason I just wanted to stay in bed. So I go and check my email, then for some reason browsed over to Martini's site, saw this, and something clicked............I just couldn't get out the door fast enough. Thanks Nick (and Stefano) for the inspiration. If a Floridian can ride a road bike in that stuff, WTF am I doing inside?

I asked for a freeze, but all I could find was this:
Guess it'll have to do for now. An easy 90 minute spin through the park to loosen up the legs, which I must say had the feeling of lead. One of those powerless days. Couldn't find the "right" gear (I know, I know, shoulda been riding this - the gear's ALWAYS right!), stopped twice to see if a brake was rubbing, but what the heck, it was a nice day to be out riding, even on legs of lead.

I wasn't the only one out there enjoying the brisk sunshine

As a side note - JBishop gave away the signed jersey(s) to the winners of the Tidewater MountainBike Challange trivia, Ef - I was correct, then changed my answer. Oh well, the jersey wouldn't of fit anyway. I'm sure I could've found some other skinny fast guy to wear it.

Also added a link over to the left, from Jeff Whittingham's BLOG. He lives up in Massachusetts, rides his MTB ridiculous distances, AND does it fast. Impressive finishes the past year. Also impressive is his appetite for the suds!! He's planning on Trans-Rockies next year and maybe the 24hr Nationals too.

Wake up and get your



I agree. I've been surfing through all these bike blogs looking for my own inspiration. I'm new to cold-weather riding. Just started this year. I live in Alaska, but right now, it's colder in the states. Bike on!
It's you and your site that motivates all us fair weather riders. So keep it up! And good luck on the Sustina. Yeeesh I've never seen a MTB race thats charges an evacuation fee! That picture of frostbite on their site is sorta sick too!

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