Thursday, December 08, 2005


Day Off News


Yes 'Cross is the future! Virginia Beach will have its first (that I know of) Cyclocross race January 14th at Mt Trashmore. Much thanks and applause to those involved in getting it worked out - Mike "Crazy" Hosang and Liz. Congrats also to Mike on his second 'Cross win up in C-Ville last Sunday. Registration should be up on BikeReg this weekend.

The Beach is also considering a dedicated Crit course down at the Sportsplex by the amphitheatre. We plan a show of force at the council meeting in January.

The BlogWorld:

Ashwinearl has posted the first of many web-interviews with prominent (read-FAST) mountain bikers on his blog MWC,FTJ,NGT. Nick Martin (Trek) was first, many more to follow, including Jeff "Mr. 24" Kerkove (Cateye).

Cold weather inspiration - For those of you that struggle with the "it's to cold out to ride" dilema. Check :

Jill's blog :

She's up in Alaska puttin' in miles to get ready for the Sustina 100. Great writing and fantastic photos! You think it's COLD where you are? HAH!

IceBiking : Home of the "Winter Cyclist and other crazy people". Thanks to Wild Bill for the link

Bookmark those sites and read 'em when you think it's to cold where you are. You'll get out the door quicker!

It's getting near the time to step up and answer the question :

If the answer is a definative NO then you best be ready to register as new news about the course and cut-off times is up here. Man, I LOVE that graphic!



Thanks John! Hope the ground is frozen solid for the cross race so VB invites us back. No like Cross Nats in Providence, though!
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