Monday, December 12, 2005


Day Off News

So the Cross Nationals finished this weekend with the Wells brothers showing their power to the people. A nasty storm forced postponing a few of the races till the next day. Pre-race faves Ryan (TreeFarm) Trebon and Jonathon Paige (who had food poisoning) got ousted by Wells the senior, while Wells the junior stomped the U23s. Two championship jerseys in the same family! WOW. Just 2 more of the many great riders from Dang-Yo Colorado. Velonews coverage here. See some photos :

Cross is like Ballet with a bicyle---> ( Photo blatently stolen and edited from the Hup site.)

(Notso)FatMarc was out blingin' the pink lid to an incredible 24th spot in the 35-39 Masters. Well deserved awesome finish at the Nats. Much applause. Read a great report on his blog. Love2Ride file photo of Marc (on a SS) from 7Springs earlier this year <--

Finally finished up the Cross video from the Richmond race, and uploaded it to Google but it hasn't been verified yet. I guess they want to be REALLY sure there's no smut on it. Could be the file size (150meg) is boggin' 'em down.

Replaced Marla Streb's link with Jill's from Alaska. Mrs. Streb is expecting her first child, best of wishes. Jill's writing, riding, and photo skills are making her Blog an overnight classic. Just check this photo.



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