Friday, December 09, 2005


Friday the 14t

After Wednesday's pleasent yet uncomfortable ride it was time for a change. I pondered the gears of life

and concluded it was a

sort of day.

Besides, Gabby had been sitting patiently for a while now, just waiting for a good ride.

So off we went for a ride in the park. Sunny day, low 40's, it couldn't be better. Single speeding is really great. Totally different mindset than geared riding. Simple, powerful, easier to feel at one with the bike and terrain. No decisions to be made, just focus on your momentum and stroke. Brings back childhood memories of your first coaster brake bike.

So there we were rolling along, enjoying the nice day.

Mind cleared, peaceful thoughts. Made me wish that life was just as easy as picking a cog each morning and staying in that same gear for the whole day. If it were only that simple.

The gods of the derailler must've looked down upon me, saw my ear-to-ear grin, and decided to extract revenge.

They cast down a stick, which magically jumped up and .......well.......... derailled me, or at least my chain. Only stopped us for a short while, and we finished a great ride on a beautiful day

Big wheels ARE beautiful.

Hope you got out today and got your




are you down for a road trip to this?
Is that trail where I think it is? :) Don't ask why I recognize it.
Cap'n C

Check your email/comments for info re the Carter 6 hour thing.

If that trail were where you think it might be than I'd probably have no reason to be there ......... BUT, and there's always a (__!__) , If it were to be where I think you think I really might've been, then I was certainly in the right place.

Confused as usual,
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