Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Puttin' The old in Cold

Was getting ready to go out at 6:30AM and found that the little screw that holds my little light on had taken a little vacation somewhere (probably to Florida). Hey, that's why God created duct tape. Just have to be sure to use the correct color for your bike's graphics. I can't find 2 socks that match but I WILL use the correct duct tape.

Reading about everyone's cold weather rides has me actually pining for the freeze. I feel like Lt. Dan, tied to the masthead in Forest Gump - "Come On, show me what you got." Better be careful, might just get what I ask for.

The ride out wasn't bad at all, I think I was actually OVERdressed a bit.

Are YOUR Christmas decorations done?

<--Nice wheel. :-)

In answer to yesterday's question about how many would show for the 7:15er group ride:

Temp of 36 with wind chill in the high 20's really wasn't too bad. At least someone left a 1/2 full beer for me to hydrate with. In fairness to all the roads were a bit wet. Which leads to the question -"Why don't people like to get their road bikes wet?" Heck, I know cleaning them is a chore, but nothing compared to mountain bikes. Yes wet roads are a bit more slippery than dry ones, and your bottom bracket etc might get wet, but hey - you can save wear on your tires by leaving the bike in the garage too!

So the 7:15er went off solo, and about 5-7 minutes slower than with the group. It WAS nice to see a few other stalwarts for the 8:00 :

Get out there and get your RideOn!


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