Sunday, December 11, 2005


Time to Move

Nice time at the team Christmas party, got there a little late and behaved myself all night. No food and no Al C haul. Thanks to the best NA beer around:

Premiered the final rough cut of the cross video to rave reviews. Still have to buff up the edits and I'll post it.

The plan was to get up REAL early at 0-darkhundred and put some triple digit fat burning miles in. A crew was headed up to MTB, another out early to join the Frogs, yet another out later for some team tactics/skills ride. I love having options.

I DON'T however love my f'in neighbor. Condo living is nice. Nice to be by the beach, nice not to have major outdoor maintenance issues. NOT nice when your neighbor decides to try and burn the place down.

AsI lay me down to sleep, with dreams of long smooth miles in my head, I dream I hear a fire truck siren.............................WAIT, it's not a dream, the things right under my bedroom window.

EF.... turns out said neighbor had a fire burning on deck, probably from ciggy butt, which other (good) neighbor smelled and tried to hose down from ground level. Good thing he has a good nose. When the firefighters went for the axe and prybar I knew it was gonna be a long night. Then the police come and finally leave at 4AM.

90 minutes later the alarm goes off. Resisted the urge to stay in bed, but had to do the TT of my life to get to the meeting spot. Less than 14 minutes from my door to Hilltop for a new PR and Prologue TT win (I was the only entrant). We got down to meet the frogs quickly, just in time for the group to take off. And take off they did. Seemed like I was always on the a$$ end of the split, then I bridge, them another split, then another bridge, then OTB, then WAY OTB. Oh well. Had a good workout anyway. I guess I needed more recovery than an hour sleep, 2 protein bars and some NA beer.

Surveyed the damage upon arriving back home:

Building chips/debris under deck.

Burnt out hole

All I can say is

I'll enjoy tomorrow's day off

Ride on,


Comments: in I'd rather shoot myself than drink Guiness without the alcohol...
If you're gonna go NA, it's the only way to go. Of course I could've gotten drunk, got in my car and drove...........

and there's 2 n's in Guinness!!

Drink on!

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