Saturday, December 31, 2005


Home Again

What a sweet sunrise on the way to the Saturday rides.
Barely unpacked and still not near caught up on sleep after driving all night it still felt great to be out in the 39 degree weather. I'm a sucker for a good sunrise. They look better from the saddle. I'm REALLY looking forward to the sunrise on 4/30/06.

Big chain/shifting probs on my other road bike had the gears jumping around on their own. Bailed out after only 2 loops. :-(

Ya'll be safe out there tonite and have a Happy New Year!


Happy new year J.B.! Been a good year with lots of high end miles and great events. thanks for all your help and support a the races. look forward to more in oh-six. Later.

Happy New Year John! I am sitting at home as well. New Years is like the prom, always overhyped. Even before I quit drinking 12 years ago, I was not a big New years partier. Just the other 364 days.
back at both of you guys. Many good times had and many more to come. I like the prom analogy.

To a great new year!


Hey John,
There is a group of us doing a nice ride in the AM. We are going to ride all the JRPS and Forrest Hill and then ride over to Powhite Park. If you get a wild hair, come and join us. 9:30 departure time. Call me if interested 804-337-0882
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