Wednesday, December 14, 2005



Finally got the 'cross video done. You can view it here. It appears Google smashes it down quite a bit from the 150meg original file size. Compression artifact everywhere when you go to full screen. It was a treat watching the race and filming it, but would of been more "fun" to be out there sufferin' with everyone. It was also cool editing the thing and trying to capture the whole vibe of the race. The first time I really tried to do anything like this. The real limiting factor was my computer, it's a nice laptop, (1.8 GHz w/.5GIG RAM) but even MS Windows Movie Maker pushed it to the edge. I got Pinnacle, but it would barely even run at all. Pro film makers must have some serious computing power.

It was even more fun seeing the guys that rode get all fired up while watching it.

The Cross race at the Beach is taking shape. Mount Trashmore should prove to be a great venue, with kids playground, skate park, barbecue, good visibility ............ AND the Beach's biggest hill! Mike already has the course laid out in his devious mind. Maybe he'll run the course up a vert ramp or 2!?! The thing that makes cross great is that it's so spectator friendly. Hopefully we can get a huge turnout at Trashmore and open the City's eyes to what it really could be. Yes----> that IS the highest point at the Beach, and it's man made out of garbage!

Turns out the Richmond Ciclismo folks are having a Cross race up in Richmond the very next day so that weekend will be all Crossed up! If I only had a Cross bike .................. hmmmm ........ Christmas is near ..............
Got our for a nice SS ride today to loosen the legs up.


speaking of races have you thought about 6hrs of Carter?

im trying to get a crew going there

lemme know what you think.
i already asked rob aka 29percent, but he can't make it that weekend.
if i do go i want to do the 'corporate' class with a suit and everything...not looking to be competitive.
JB- your framset is finially in! You'll be ready to race @ Trashmore.
I mean frameset
COOOOL!!!! Just when I was getting all prepared to do a Jesse LaLonde on the thing.
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