Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Todd Diesel

Took a day off yesterday, not 'cause I really wanted to.................but, oh well. Actually had trouble falling asleep after Monday's ride and before I knew it, it was 7AM. I was looking forward to a "kinder, gentler Tuesday ride" as mentioned in Cori's email, but I slept through it.

So the day was spent cleaning bikes and my car w/Dad. Everything clean as a whistle now.

Met everyone at the Winter Park YMCA for the Wednesday 7AM group ride. High 40's and near dark made the beginning of the ride a bit chilly. Basically a reverse of the Saturday classic with a few loops around Tusca' (my 'hood) and a turn around at the end of Florida Road. 45-50 miles total, about a dozen of us. Smooth, strong, steady pace, with some sprints thrown in that I was never ready for. Bagels and coffee afterwards at Einstein's.

Todd is a diesel engine. The only way to keep him off the front and pullin' is with a strong elbow or a rope. He just doesn't stop. At Einstein's I hear he and Cori are doing a track workout later that day! WHAT!??! I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do to kick butt. In case you didn't know - Sheryl (yes THAT Sheryl) is a BOBie.

Much thanks to the BOBie's groups for giving me a place to spin my wheels and good company while getting my



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