Saturday, December 17, 2005


TriPower TriUmverate Trans-Iowa

The 3 looper group ride today. Explosive was the operative word here. The pace ramped up slowly then exploded into all the sprint zones. And I mean exploded. The tandem dudes were there, this time with no extra passenger or 3 gallon water jug. There was actually one other tandem there also, powered by 4 strong (and older) legs.

JDiesel was there for all 3 on his sweet fixey. Then Liz joined us for the last 2 rides on hers. 2 fixeys and 2 tandems! NIIIICE. With Wild Bill in absentia Liz took on the rabbit role as she rolled through regroup 2.1, with an unknown rider. Amazing thing was - they stayed away for most of the way to Bay Colony! Impressive. The group moseyed in 2's up Shore drive, then as we hit Atlantic the tandem dudes made a vicious jump. I heard "this is it" behind me and before I could get out they were gone, with the tandem elders in tow. The ride finished out at warp speed down Atlantic. Art (on dayglo) countered strong, and took a bunch of us with him. At the end of the second loop the truth was told - Liz had Sherpa Harlan Tenzing Norgay guiding her break. She said it was the Sherpa that got her there but I gotta believe the water bottle had some secret psychological MoM mojo.
Has Harlan really been training in Tibet?

It was once again a great day on the bike (hmmm.......... I can't really remember a bad one).

Once home it was clean up then wait patiently in front of the computer to get registered for this event. Only 9 finishers out of 50 entrants in the inaugural Trans-iowa last year. This year the field expands to 70, but they made it longer!! AND eliminated outside support. 337 miles of "gravel road goodness" as Mr 24 says. Just you, your bike, and the miles!!!! Thats what it's all about baby! 57 entrants in the first 18's filling up fast.



Good luck with Trans Iowa training.
Great Cross video too. Many talents. Keeperup.
Thanks jm. I'll need luck at the race, but not the training, it's full on, fun, and all out. I'll be honored to line up with those folks in Iowa. I also reg'd for Sebring 24 RAAMQ today. Still not sure which bike to bring to T-Iowa.......And which Nick MArtin is that in the roster?.
Will the real NIck please stand up?

It's a Nick Martin from Iowa...not the Nick Martin from the Trek/VW team.

It's gonna be a grand time!

I promise to give you your moneys worth!
I would have love to taken part of this, but anyone that knows my sense of direction is breathing a sigh of relief. I'd end up in South Dakota by the time it was over. Enless miles of gravel in, 30 mph cold winds sounds great! I think. HA!
I figured it was probably another Nick,and I'm already sure we'll get more than our money's worth Jeff. Its great that you guys take the time and effort to put on an event like this. We need more.
And Jase, as far as the navigation thing, I hope if and when I err on navigation it is to the south......
I'm really looking forward to this thing.
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