Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry Christmas

Started out Christmas day the right way - on two wheels before the sun rises. Rode down to Winter Park for another BOBies ride. Smaller, a bit more relaxed than Saturday, but certainly no less fun. A group of 12 or so did a modified 41 mile loop. Modified with a section of rough pave' that would've made Paris-Roubais proud. I'd of taken some pictures there but the camera would've surely been shaken from my hands. That section also reminded me of how brutal a road bike would be in Trans-Iowa. Of course Dave was happy we went down there as he was rollin' on a nice Bianchi single speed - the San Jose. From the Bianchi website:

San Jose joins M.U.S.S and W.U.S.S. as the latest one-speeder that only
makes sense if you get it.

Dave gets it. I guess the B.U.S.S. , G.U.S.S., P.U.S.S., S.I.S.S., S.A.S.S., D.I.S.S., and C.U.S.S. were discontinued? Here's to Bianchi for keeping it real (and for sponsoring Team LeakyGas). Got some nice miles in with some great folks and Todd topped it off by having us over for a nice bagel and coffee brunch complete with fresh squeezed Florida OJ. I had a nice tailwind on the way back and only got caught by a "small" Florida downpour.

Thanks to the whole crew for helping me get my



Ahhhhhhhhh! People wearinig shorts in December.
Gotta luv Florida.
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