Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Crazy Stuff

First things first - Big congrats to Crazy for winning the VaCx series. He was able to wrap it up with wins in his 2 last events so he could skip the last race of the series and still be able to attend his sister's graduation! Well done.

SO Trans-Iowa registration filled up 70 spots in 3 hours, with the first 50 or so spots going in 15-20 minutes. The race is over 4 months away and there is already a very active discussion forum on MTBR. I put a linky over to the left. I'm repeatedly amazed and impressed by the number of people out there willing to subject themselves to unbelievable feats of perseverance, pain, suffering, and accomplishment. I'll be proud and honored to roll up to the line with these folks, even more honored and proud if and when it's the finish line!

TransIowa logoFor the uniformed : Trans-Iowa is a solo self-supported (no rest stops, no sag vehicles) race across the state of IOWA. 337 miles long on gravel roads. One check point near 1/2 way where you'll be allowed access to the contents of a small drop bag. Other than that you are ON YOUR OWN! Last year only 9 finished out of 50 entrants. The high attrition was no doubt due to the temperature in the 20's WITH a 20-30mph wind. I have only 1 goal, that is to finish. There are some really fast, experienced endurance racers entered including Eddie O'Dea, Jeff Kerkove (the organizer), Mike Curiak (record holder of the Great Divide Race and other extreme ultra distance MTB races), I think 4 finishers from last year, and many others I don't know. Last year's winner was asleep at the switch and missed the sign-up, so he has to sit on the waiting list for an open spot.

Had a really nice ride today. Temps in the mid-high 20s without much wind. Started the 7:15er alone, but picked up KJ and his buddy on NICE CDale tandem shortly after starting. Man riding behind those guys on that rig is like sitting on a trainer at home, talk about drafting. If I could only hang a small flat screen TV on Kieth's back with a remote..................

Here's something really funny. You have to watch it a few times to catch it all.



I finally did something I should have done awhile ago...

I linked you on my blog.
Y thanky you very much!

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