Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Florida Mountain Training Camp

OK so Florida doesn't have any mountains, but they have many more hills than we do here. Nick Martin is down in Florida for a 3 week training camp and that's where I'm headed as soon as I wrap up 16,456 loose ends (and a few presents). The Discovery Team is doing their December training camp in Austin, Texas - home of ummm, what's his name? One thing I WON"T be doing is getting shot in the neck with a paintball, like Tommy D did. WHAT!!?? Some kind of team camaraderie thing. Rumor has it that Johan B. got has some mad paintball skills.

I'm hoping to put in some mega road mileage down there. Also wanna hit some primo Florida single track, and spend time with family.

It's nice to have registered events on the schedule for next year. Seems to give direction and purpose to training.

Man things get hectic before the holidays. I hope your plans are rolling along smoothly. Only 16,455 things left to do.

In the midst of the pre-holiday madness I hope you have time to get your



Lots o people loosing fillings on fruit cakes eh? Wish I was heading down F.L.A. too. But I'll be here enjoying the icey cold coditions flowing from the infamous withches teet. Later.
Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Congrats (I think) for getting into that Trans-Iowa thing. The posted rules are hysterical.
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