Sunday, November 27, 2005


Back to Razorback

It's been over 9 months since I've had the "pleasure?" of riding Razorback. Last time it kicked my butt, so I was anxious to see if today would be any different.

NOPE! Sure I cleaned things I hadn't before, and I definately made it around quicker, but it still cooked my goose. Its hard to describe Razorback to those that havn't been, but I gotta believe its the most technical 10+ miles of trails I think I've ever ridden. Not ALL the ten miles are tough, there's plenty of time to cruise at high speed through the tree slalom, and the sweet sweeper, with many nicely bermed flatout turns. But at least for me the rest of the trail is just brutal. I'm here to admit - I've never made it around the whole darn thing without a dab. Nope. Probably have over 15 laps there, never cleaned it once. Shucks, I feel like a punk. Heck, that one part coming out of the very bottom of Grannie's (--->) I don't think I EVER made. (<---) Looking back from the first ledge out of Grannie's. That green stuff is Grannie's special soup, great to replenish lost carbs. It also has many other beneficial and as yet unamed nutrients, so be sure to stop and fill your water bottles when you're down there!

Today I was smart and did the warmup loop up to the clay climb then finished the last section of the course. Grannie's Revenge is in the first 2 miles and I know all to well what that'll do to me if I tackle it cold. Everytime I finally reach the end of the climb out of Grannie's I find myself thinking "What did I ever do to Grannie that she needs to take this revenge? I always TRIED to be nice...." Dave even added another climb (--->) at the bottom of Grannie's just to get your legs warmed up for the regular exit. Sure there are lots of places that have many longer climbs that grind you into lactate dust, but Razorback's climbs are STEEP and technical with roots and phosphate crags to scrape metal (or skin) off anything that hits them. I got 27 miles in there this morning and after the road ride yesterday I feel like a whipped dog.

Anyway, Razorback has more thrills than Disneyland. Too many vertical drops and G-outs into vertical walls to count. Earlier this year I busted both seat rails at the bottom of Big Gulp when my lazy tired legs let my butt down onto the seat at the G-out of the 25 foot drop.

And of course there is the infamous Triple Dipper downhill. This year it's a little less rutted but still WICKED fast :

Now you probaly looked at that and said......."Ahhhh, just another hill what's the big deal". Well you know the old photographic disclaimer - "Hills in pictures are steeper than they appear!"
Lets add a rider for scale and perspective - keep in mind this doesn't show the entire downhill.


That'll tighten your....................................

grip on the bars!

So if you are ever anywhere near Ocala, give the Razorback a ride, you won't regret it! Just be sure to sign the disclaimer and health waiver on the way in! I'm kicking myself for not buying the new shirt Dave has for sale :


I'll be back in 3 weeks.



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