Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Back in the 'Hood

Nice to be back in the'hood rollin' with the homies. 68 degree temps and 20 mph hills with gusts to 25. The "Bills" were there this morning puttin' out the power.

So on the way back cruisin' up I95 in NC I run over some small inantimate object. At 75 it was impossible to swerve and miss. Ba-bum, ba-bump, following by a a bunch of rapid thumps and I get a flat. The third time for this same tire this year. I can't remember 3 flats in the last 15 years of driving. Heck, I've had enough practice now I can change the car tire faster than my bike tube (almost). In to the shop and it turns out not just my tire is punctured, but my WHEEL too!

Cha-Ching. Special order wheel time.

Hope this warm weather holds out.


I feel your pain. Some loser hit and ran my Element tonight. Swiped the side with white scratches. Real ephing nice.
Florida sounded cool. Talk soon. JM
Guess it could've been worse and caused an accident or sometihng. Too bad about the toaster, that thing was MINT.

Florida was great. I'm fortunate to have family down there, and Razorback ROCKS. Everytime I ride there I leave with my tail tucked between my legs, but can't wait to get back.

Holiday cheers!

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