Friday, November 25, 2005


Snow Hill Road

Went off-road today. Hard to call it "Mountain Biking" in Florida, but the trail system at the Jones East Trail Head is only a short way away and always fun to ride. It's entry into a nice but somewhat confusing network of trails commonly known as Snow Hill Road. How confusing? Well consider the name of the State Park - "Little Big Econ" . I mean come on, is it BIG, or LITTLE? Can't really be both, but I guess it is. If that isn't confusing enough check the trail map.

Even more baffling is how they apparently expect you to ride the tight, twisty, sandy trails sitting totally upright with no hands, and apparently no crank arms :

Its a very nice network of tight :



When you get lost, and you will if you've never ridden there before, stay off the wide sandy roads, they're impossible to pedal through when it's this dry.

Eventually you'll find your way back to the section along the Econlockhatchee River :

Do us all a favor and DON'T ride a river bank like this. The Florida Ecosystem is fragile enough without MTBer's causing more erosion. When in doubt- back it out.

You might see many more folks enjoying the 78 degree day :

The trails weren't the only narrow things there:

It was soooo warm today I'd of rode sleeveless if I'd of had one. Actually got sunburn! HAH. Jealous yet? Good. A few minor technicalities

and it's back to the trailhead.

All in all about 3 hours of cycling fun in the Florida sun! Did I say I got sunburn?........and it was almost 80?...............Jealous yet?..... Good.

Tomorrow throw down w/the Florida roadies in a big group ride. Should be fun.



Mmmmmm, Ergon grips.

link to cross video
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