Friday, November 25, 2005


Time to Think About Going LONG

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. The Florida weather is perfect for riding. Sunny, warm and a brisk 20-30 mph wind to speed you up and make you grind.

I brought my UMCA mag with me as I hadn't had a chance to even open it at home. I was pleasantly surprised to find a little sticky note from John Hughes on the cover. They put my article about the ADK in there. Nice. John helped me with editing the article so he should get some credit too. He should also get a much BIGGER thanks for all the time and effort he puts into the UMCA and UltraCycling in general. He's been doing double centuries since the '70s and the list of his ultracycling contributions and accomplishments is virtually endless :

In 1979 he rode his first Paris to Brest to Paris, and has ridden P-B-P four times. John has crossed the U.S.A. three times with Lon Haldeman's Pacific - Atlantic - Cycling Tours (PAC Tours). He rode the Southern PAC Tour in 1988, the Ridge of the Rockies in 1991, and the Northern PAC Tour in 1993. He has won Boston-Montreal-Boston and won Furnace Creek 508 twice. When not riding John coaches many many riders in their cycling efforts. He is a USCF certified Sport Coach and a National Strength and Conditioning Association certified Personal Trainer. John has been executive director of the UMCA since 1998.

He is also the first person registered for the 2006 Fireweed 400, an epic quad up in Alaska. Definitely on the must do list. The man obviously has endless energy and never stops giving back to the ulracycling community.

If you aren't a member of the UMCA - JOIN NOW! If you think a century is "going long" it's time to stretch the envelope and try a JMC event. Virtually EVERYONE you meet at these events is an inspiration. It's a small community of friendly, fun people that enjoy finding, testing and redefining their limits. Remember - the first 100 miles is just a pleasant wakeup, the second 100 is a warmup, THEN the fun begins!

RideOn and RideLong


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