Saturday, November 26, 2005


Nice Day for a Group Ride

But I wanna be a BOBbie domestique. Another great Florida day to ride. Up at dawn to ride the 10-12 miles to the start. 90 minutes later I'd come down this same road with the group at warp speed.

Met a guy from Alpharetta on the way who was a newbie here also. Turns out they send out A B and C groups separately, as well as 2 groups of other distances. That's 5 rides from the same location! Lots of riders gathered,

including Carlos (I hope I got your name right) blingin' a nice new P3 complete with 606's, man that's my dream bike.

The A's rolled out at an easy pace but that didn't last too long.

At a red light I turned around and saw probably 30-40 riders behind me,

+ the ten in front.

That's a nice group - 50 or more and it's just the A's. I didn't hold that position long, we FLEW through some neighborhoods taking turns at Crit speed. By the time we got back to Tuskawilla where I started, the train was rollin with a full head of steam. I barely hung on, then the last third of the lead group got red-lighted and we fought hard to bridge back, reconnecting at another light. A fantastic ride and I won't miss it when I'm down here again.

Early in the ride I met Cori who told me about the BOBbies. BOB is short for Babes On Bikes. Their website is awesome and they even have nice maps of the group rides, which are EVERY day except Monday. Can't wait to ride w/these folks again at Christmas.

Tomorrow it's up to Razorback for some incredible MTBing, then back to the great cold north.

Thanks everyone for the ride!!



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