Thursday, January 05, 2006


Best Wishes on Training and Riding

With the turn of the calendar I'm sure everyone is focusing on the next "event". Heck, everytime I'm outside and think its cold I catch myself silently wondering........

"What if it's colder than this at Trans-Iowa in April, think you can ride 30 hours in this, what if it's colder, or worse yet, colder AND raining?"

Nevertheless it's always nice to have an event to focus on, think about, plan, train, or "not" train for. The unknown ones (like TI) seem to get the most mental energy. I can't IMAGINE what it would be like with RAAM on the schedule, or any of the "BIG 3". The longer the race and the further it is away, the more logistics and planning figure in, and I'm certainly not the most organized person in the world. Fact is, I may one of be the least. Which is why these endurance events are a good "exercise" for me.

Speaking of wishes to UltraRob Lucas and Louie Lamoureux who are entered in the solo division this year.

Lou qualified last year by completing Team RAAM, and is registered for the solo version this year. His Team Give Life had a rather "interesting" experience last year - much, much drama off the bikes. They succeeded nonetheless. I "met" Lou at Sebring last year. Actually just exchanged a few kind words as our paths crossed during the race. Think your training is a challenge? Try riding across the nation with another person's kidney inside! BEST OF LUCK to Lou. More peddling and less drama than last year. You can follow his training and preparation here.

Rob Lucas qualified for solo RAAM a few years back at the Race Across Oregon, and has since repeated with qualifying times at other races including the Adirondack 540, where I saw him. I actually saw his crew more as we leap-frogged a lot in the first lap. Rob rode the most consistently paced race of anyone there. He just kept goin' and goin' and goin' - for 540 miles and 30,000+ vertical feet. Rob has some stellar palmares both on AND off the road. He's one of the few cyclists I've run into that pursue ridiculous endurance events both on the pavement and the dirt. Rob does a nice natural stairmaster workout. Just to make you weather bound gym-rats jealous! heh Follow Rob's RAAM adventure here.

So whether you're training, "not" training, or just riding .... best of luck in '006, keep the rubber side down and



Thanks for putting the map together!!
No Problem. Was simple, except for the Frap that got all over everything!
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