Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Miscellaneous Nonsense

Finally broke down and did it. Hopped on the indoor trainer....ugh. Really not bad as long as you keep the remote near by. Fighting off a little cold so staying indoors.

Here's a video I found to whet your whistle for summertime endurance racing. Just a little snippet of Tinker from Tsali. Thanks to Addictive Cycles. REALLY going to be intereting to see how well Tinker does at RAAM this year.

So what would you do if you lived in a hilly city, say, San Francisco, and you read a magazine that published a list of the local hills with the steepest pitches? Probably the same thing this guy did?!? A well made home video. If that link doesn't work try one on this page.



nice site dude.
Get this DVD
It will work you. he incorporates trainer sessions with cycling specific pilates, ball work and yoga. I will burn you a copy.
Thanks Paddy, and best of luck in your "NO-training" and at TI. Heh

Phil - I saw you posted that video at CCVA. Looks interesting. Don't forget about the cross race at the Beach on the 14th. I'm building up a cross bike now.


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