Tuesday, January 10, 2006


RAAM Views, cough cough

Wish I could say I was in the "triple top-secret training no-training stealth mode". BUT, I'm not. Just in the cold/bronchitis NO training mode. Been sick for about a week and it was all I could do to muster up enough energy for 2 weak hours on an indoor trainer. Things seem to be resolving and hopefully will be back out on the bike soon..........I'm going stir crazy.

Big congrats to BJ Samuel who was awarded the Peter Teeuwan Memorial Achievement in Cycling Award. Well deserved - she can hang it next to her State BAR Jersey!

The solo RAAM world is abuzz about the new rule changes for 2006 which will REQUIRE 40 hours of rest at designated rest stops along the way. From the rules :


2. Solo riders will be required to accumulate forty (40) hours of non riding time at specific Control Points during the race.

3. There will be approximately twenty (20) Control Points of which approximately 5 will be classified as Mandatory Control Points where the rider will be required to stop for a minimum of 2 hours. All control points will be located at Time Stations located on the race route at various intervals. Exact locations will be published in advance of race start The Control Points will be located at approximately 200 miles intervals during the beginning of the race and 100 miles intervals near the end of the race. It is possible more Control Points could be added and the intervals between Control Points could vary between 50 and 200 miles.

4. Riders can use their 40 hours of non riding time at their choice of Control Points. A Rider can divide their 40 hours of Control Stop Time as the rider chooses depending on strategy and recovery. Riders do not have to stop at each Control Point. For example: A rider may stop for 2 hours each at 20 different Control Points or stop for 5 hours each at 8 different Control Points to accumulate their 40 hours of stopped time.

Note that the "NEW" solo category is actually the "OLD" solo category :

(170) RACE DIVISIONS (Changed 2006)
Note that there is an added Solo category for 2006 -- A second category for Solo riders has been established, which is named the “Non-Stop Record” category. Entry to this category will be at the discretion of the race director. Off-bike rules in this category are similar to 2005 rules, and are the same as the 2006 rules except there is no requirement to stop at the Control Points as described in section 1100 & following.

One thing is certain in this world - Rules are Rules. I can certainly understand the feelings of those solo riders that were surprised by this. Especially if thet learned of the change after they took advantage of the early bird entree fee discount of only $1,470.

The rule change was no doubt initiated by(but not entirely due to) the tragic death of Dr. Bob Breedlove in the early days of the race last year. The event will change, evolve, and grow - for better or worse? Only time will tell. In contrast to MTB events this event is held on public roads and that won't change. The sponsors/organizers will do what they see fit to obtain the vision they have. The rest is just a whole lot of peddling!

Can't wait till I can go outside and get a good



Interesting facts about RAAM. I was not aware someone died last year. Nice to see the changes--no sleep really turns it into a freak show of sorts.
RAAM is a "freak show" no matter how you slice it. I guess that's why I love it. It's a hotly debated topic. Not just the rule change but the manner in which the paying customer's are made aware of it. Certainly without the freaks there'd be no show, and RD's loose that perspective at times.
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