Saturday, March 11, 2006


The Dude Abides

The last 40 hrs - 4 rides, 3 different bikes. What a wonderful life. Went down like this :

Thursday night 7PM- All About Bikes on/off road group ride. Good crowd, 13 or so. Short sleeves and shorts. As usual the ride ends with wicked fast (road) laps in a Commerce park with 20 mph winds. This night it was had the brutality of a WWF Smackdown. Crazy, K-Dog, BG, Tim, and Mike were killin' it. Spit me out on lap 2. Just couldn't hang w/the big dogs. WHY? Hmmmmmm................................... I guess Mick said it best:

"I just don't have that much jam."

But I'm working on it. I had to go uni-bomber at the post ride team strategy discussion.

Friday AM - Load the bikes up for a 2-3 hour drive to Charlottesville. (Ferris Bueller had the day off)

Ride the Jeff Cup course and some surrounding hills. The weather was absolutely unbeatable. 20-30 mph winds. Not as noticable in the mountains. Temps in the 70's. Got in 60 miles or so. The course runs through Virginia wine country. It reaches it's highest elevation at Winery (not WHinery) Hill Road.

Friday PM - Rack 'em back up and head down the road 5 miles for 2+ hours of mountain biking at Walnut Creek Park. Did I say the weather was nice? OK. It REALLY was. Hadn't ridden the EPIC in a while. Took a few laps around the parking lot to remember how to shift. Walnut Creek is awesome. I'd never ridden here before. Techy switchback climbs, lots of obstacles, some creek crossings, nice downhills. As I struggled with some sections I remembered this was the first time I'd been on a REAL mountain bike trail this year. Rolling whoops around the lake. VERY nice. Nuttin' like dis at da beach.

Lunch and dinner were of the liquid variety. Yum Yum.

As the sun sets slowly in the west, it was time to take the long road home. I was grinning the entire 2 and a half hours back. What a GREAT day.

The Golden Rule of road trips was not violated. 5 hours driving, almost 6 in the saddle. What can I say? - The dude abides, man.

Saturday AM - Up early for the Saturday group rides. The TriPower flames were out in force. Must of been 50 cyclists in the groups. The pace of the first loop was a little slower than normal. No complaints here, wasn't sure how long my legs were gonna hold out anyway. Why was it slower? Hmmmmm........... Maybe too many people went out to someone's bachelor party last night? Just a guess.

The second loop was WICKED fast, or maybe my legs were finally sayin' "enuf already". No, it was fast AND unrelenting. Third loop no slower with a tail wind down Shore. Spinnin' tiny cogs till you can't any more, then doin' it again.

Well that's that. Posting this laying in bed as my legs are asking me WHY?


I guess I just Love2Ride.

Get out there and get your



Noooo, I'm the DUDE, you're Mr. Labowski!!!

Cheers! JM
Then I'm sure you won't mind if I just call you His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if I'm not into the whole brevity thing.

The Big Lebowski
touche' on quoting perhaps one of the greatest pieces of cinematic history known to mankind...

hyperbole of course, however, it really is one amazing flick.

to twist an oft used phrase from the movie ala mtn biking....f'it lets ride!

babbling aside, it was good to finally meet you JB. i have folks down in Fl so we definitely need to hook up for a road trip/copious amounts of trail riding at all the tasty spots in between.

with my session 77 and my 5200 im ready to hit anything we can find dirt or road!
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