Sunday, March 12, 2006


Sunday, a Day of Rest

Today was the last day of 6 days in a row riding. I'm whipped. The good kind of sore. Went out to Ipswitch on the 9er SS (34x15) to do an easy recovery ride. Ipswitch is coming around great. The "x-country" trails are getting ridden in, but could still use more traffic. A memorandom of understanding is in the works between the EVMA and the City of Chesepeake, which will give us the go ahead for clean some things up, make some signs, and maybe even build some bridges. The City will be sending out a crew to take down the huge tree still left from Isabel.

While out there I ran into Captain Caveman with his dog Sprocket and another friend huckin' the jumps.

Sprocket runs along side while Adam hits the jumps and he always stays out of the way. The dog has even gone on 20 mile trail runs with Adam as he rides. Sprocket drinks Gatorade out of a Camelback to stay on top of fueling and hydration. More jumpin' pics here.

Then it was down the road a few miles to check out the 2nd "Snowball" Crit. Snowball HAH! Temps in the middle 70s! Caught the Cat C, Cat B, and the beginning of the Cat A. K-Dog got a third (2nd in the group sprint). Nice work. Crit pictures here.

<----Harlan, Crazy and Art at the front.

Hope you all got a chance to get a good




hey JB
I am organizing a ride Tuesdays at the 'switch starting at 7pm.

feel free to come on anyone else that reads this thread. this place really is fun if you've never ridden there, or haven't been in a while. say what you want, but i have a blast there and manage to get a good workout at the same time. if you want it to can be stoooopid fast. i was riding it today on my rig (34-20...not nearly as steep as JB but mine is set up for climbing too so i just have to spin a little faster, but that means i can bang out of them corners harder!)
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