Friday, April 14, 2006


A Brief

Today was the OHill Meltdown in C-Ville.

They went and took the powerline downhill and made it an uphill.

Think it looks tough?

Maybe we need a little perspective :

Thadithtic bathturdths.


Much more later, gotta rest



Definitely a fun race. My first time down and I'll be back. Those shorter steeps really take their toll this early in the season!
DT - I thought I saw you out there rollin the Surley. Wicked hard course for a fat ol' flatlander like me. Good job doing it on a SS. I'm still recoverying from some surgery so I just went up and rode 2 laps before the race, then helped some friends w/hand ups.

I'll have a better write up and put some photos up later.

Oh and BTW - Thanks again for the schedule. I sent it out to our team.
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