Thursday, March 30, 2006


Silver Cups and Chocolate Bunnies

More bloggin' from the recovery bed. Good thing I gathered a bunch of material last weekend.

Jeff Cup Cat 4 Women

Strong showing again from the ladies on our team. Fast Lisa was Fast, the Cook was Cookin', and Sally was Super. Many BAR points for our team. Fast Lisa hadn't won a race in her life before February, and scored her third top podium spot in as many races. Well done. She got the Silver Jefferson Cup as well as the traditional chocolate Easter Bunny. Here's the finish :

Fast Lisa is Fast ........
and takes the sprint.

The Cook is Cookin'. Well....... she really can't cook, but she sure can ride.

Sally is Super

Cat4 Men
A strong field of 100

K-Dog marks an early break

Art the Dart gets 5th. WTG

Da girlz

Da boyz (nice 'do)

More tomorrow

RideOn ('cause I can't)


nice pics and write ups my brotha! hope recovery is going well. come on out to the movies tonight if ya can. no popcorn for you tho, that might be a bit ROUGH on the throat!!!
Great finishes, for sure.

Hope you are doing better. It's a beautiful day out, just so you know.
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