Thursday, April 13, 2006


I'm Back........I think

Tuesday was my first day back on the bike for a REAL ride in 13 days since surgery. I had plans to go out for a nice easy spin.............but it IS Tueday morning........... and I've been missin' ridin' w/the crew. The only way to find out how I could go was to get out and GO. With the TT and Crit a few days earlier I figured the pace might be a bit slower............. NOPE. There was an abundance of horsepower in the group, and it was crankin'. Everyone is starting to show some good early season form except me. It wasn't just a question of IF I would crack, but when, and how often.

All in all it was a good day. Something about rollin' on 2 wheels just makes me smile. The hum of the pavement (or dirt) beneath the wheels, heart racing (then pounding), wind in the face. It was a beautiful thing that I'd been missing terribly. Legs didn't feel too bad, but recovery from any effort was slow. Felt like crap the rest of the day also. Oh well. No one said this would be easy.

Race news -

Jeff had a great ride at Sea Otter, and so the other JB, and Martini. When Nick caught Adam Craig he had a few choice words, you have to read his classic response. Someday I'll catch somebody and they'll say that.

The Heart of the South was done a few weeks back, but results aren't up yet. They took a while last year also. 500+ miles, eternal headwinds. and 30,000 feet of climbing. What more could you ask for? Tinker won, and missed CMacs record by a scant 10 minutes. There's that much time in dreadlock wind resistance. Fantastic ride by Mr. Juarez, it'll be great "watching" RAAM this year. Why hasn't Jure's name shown up on the roster yet?



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