Thursday, April 06, 2006


Movies to Recover By

Not a lot to post lately, unless you want to hear reviews of every movie on HBO, SHOWTIME, or CINEMAX.

Still recovering from surgery, but hopefully am almost out of the woods. Don't ever really want to go through this again, but ya gotta do what ya gots ta do.

A highlight of all the movies is the new RAAM release.

Incredible footage, editing and production. It includes private footage from indivual teams and solos from the 2004 race. If you've read the article about Jure' going crazy and would like to see the madness, get the DVD.

It's available through the RAAM site and there's a discount to UMCA members.

If you liked Off Road to Athens, or have ANY interest in ultra cycling events this is a MUST SEE. It's better than any other RAAM movie (I have them all). Jim Lampley, (of boxing announcing fame) produced it and narrarates it. When Lampley first covered RAAM back in the 80's he was so moved by the event, he personally purchased the production rights for all future RAAM's. GET IT!

"Anyone who knows me well knows about my love affair with RAAM," Lampley says of the world's toughest ultra-endurance event. "When we first arrived in Santa Monica in 1981 to meet John Marino and the three other men who would start out with him, we had no idea what we were about to see and I'mnot sure they did either. But from the wee hours of that first night, chasing Lon Haldeman into Death Valley, I've always felt this is the ultimate American trip. Now we have a great opportunity to share it with millions of Americans who have never really seen it, Pacific to Atlantic across the broad backs of three thousand miles of roads, from the insideout, the way we see it on RAAM. The name alone still give me chills, has for twenty-five years: The Race Across America. There's only one."

I heard from reliable sources that 2005 footage will NOT be shown, at least in the near future, because of the tragedy involving Dr. Breedlove's death.

Heart of the South was last weekend. Still haven't seen or heard results. Tinker was entered and I'm interested to see how he did time wise against the record set by Chris McDonald last year. The HOS is 500+ miles from southern Alabama, up to northern Georgia, through the same mountains used in Tour de Georgia, then back to Alabama. Last year race was characterized by long hard arduous miles into a headwind. How hard? : 25-35mph. How long : The first 200 miles. Try that sometime! Yeeesh.



Sounds like a cool movie.
Thanks for the tip. Hope you're recovering well. Still going to T.I.?
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