Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The Good, The BAD, and the Ugly

Had to steal KDog's theme.

Sorry not much bloggin' of late.

Here's the news:


Did my first road race on the challenging and hilly Jefferson Cup course! What a freakin' blast! Can't believe I have to wait a whole year to do it again.

The day after the race I went and rode for 7+ hours at some of the most incredible single track I've experienced.

I have a zillion photos to post later this week from the recovery bed. Race and ride reports will follow.

The BAD,

I sort of hinted about a snarl in training plans a while back. Today I'll be going into the hospital for surgery on my throat. I've had a swelling back there coming and going for a while. Like a golf ball growing in the back of your throat. Technically - "Excision of Peritonsillar Cyst". I DO NOT expect this to change my Trans-Iowa plans. Recovery should be 10-14 days. Not ideal timing, but there really wasn't a choice.


I'm working on a new 'doo that I should have perfected by TI,
It's called the HVRT - Helmet Vent Rooster Tail. Sort of a mohawk variation. It has magical powers. Might burn up from an helmet mounted HID, but I'll have to work that out.



Dude good luck with the surgery. Hope it's not too serious. We'll be thinking of you. J, JoErin & The B-Man.
Good luck with the surgery. The rest will do you good for TI!
dude, good luck, get well. (your new hairdo will get you through it!)
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