Saturday, April 08, 2006


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Had to get the car inspected, so I threw the SS up on the roof, dropped the car off, and rode back. Was great to be rollin' again. Still have some healing left on the hole in my throat, but the infection risk should be past. Had a nice sprint back to pick it up before they closed, man it hurt.
The next two weeks are gonna be some awfully painful training. If I can get back what I lost in the last 10 days I'll be happy, but it aint gonna be easy. All you can do is all you can do, so that's what I'll do. Good to see some other folks out gettin their RideOn:

Paul is out doing 2-a-days and reconning some "B" roads like we'll be riding at TI! Thanks for the info.

Jason is soiling his chamois on his the new 29er. How sweet would this be for a geared niner?

Andy is watching the birth of his new steed from the metal up,

While Jeff is on the left coast getting a fix at the Sea Otter.

Many on the race team are 3 hours away in the mountains training for this or racing in this this weekend. While the rest are TTing today, and racing/organizing for our Crit tomorrow.

Liz and Super Sally are going to be out at Sherando for a mid week spring break bikathon. There will have to be more of those this summer.

I'm jealous of you all! But I'm back. Plans are still on for TI. They were never off. I won't be where I coulda been, but I still be happy to be there, and even happier to finish. I plan on some easy 2 a days for early next week, then a long ride or 2 before the event to finish some gear/setup tests.

Tommorow I'll be out course marshalling and helping out at the Crit.

Good to be back


Good luck with the training over the next few weeks! I look forward to meeting you in Hawarden, Iowa!
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