Sunday, March 19, 2006


TT=Two for Two

The TT is in the books. Strong show of force for our team. Results will be posted soon. Unfortunately, a flat just before 5 miles ended my day early. Bitter pill to swallow. I was certainly anxious, but got there early enough to get a good 40 minutes of warmup on my trainer. I was just getting settled into the groove when the puncture happened. Was actually feelin' pretty darn strong. The wind wasn't quite as tough as it was supposed to be, but that's easy for me to say - I didn't get to ride the upwind leg. Heck I didn't even make it to the turn at 5.5 miles to hit the downwind leg. Oh well. This makes me 2 for 2. Two events this year, 2 flats. At least on the first one I got over 300 miles in before it happened and could continue after it was fixed. No such chance in a short TT.

The rest of the team rode it like they owned it.

Art had his game face on from the gun, and never let up.

The entire women's team was killin' it. Lisa was almost too fast to catch on camera.

As far as the gender challenge thing - They BOTH rode hard and well, and deserve a round of applause. I'll reserve further comment until the results are official and the dust settles. Could they have out ridden their respective coaches? Hmmmmm........ Good question.

Too many other strong performances to list. Congrats to everyone on a job well done.

Next weekend NO flats.



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