Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The Lost Boy of O-Hill

While up at the O-Hill Meltdown last weekend I was biking up and down the hill burning up digital film and tape. As the Pro/Experts started their last lap I was near the finish line and a guy who I'd talked to earlier came up to me and told me a women had lost her child.

"WHAT?" says I, "How do you lose a child?"

He said the lady told her son to follow the trail back to the parking lot........when she got there, little 8 year old Randy was no where to be found. Hmmmmm. This guy wondered if I'd mind riding the course to see if I could find him. I took off from the start line and proceded to ride the first half of the course, up to (but not including) the powerline climb. No lost boy was seen. After the 2 laps I'd done in the morning, this last 1/2 lap with no more fluids was taking me to the brink. I went back to the start line, to see if he had turned up. Word was out that the young guy was still not found, and the police had arrived. Don't know what they planned on doing, but they were there.

Then Crazy comes across the finish line, dry as a whistle. He bums some water and hear's the rumbling in the crowd about the kid. Turns out he saw the little guy on the back 1/2 of the course. Young Randy had picked up a walking stick and was following the trail. Mike said the kid wasn't panicked, just a little concerned that he didn't know the correct way back. He gave the tyke directions, then sent a trail runner down to escort the kid in. Turns out lil' 8 year old Randy took the LONG way back to the parking lot, and ended up walking the entire 7 mile trail. WTG kid. Not the WTG Mom. WTF were you thinking?

Side note - Last week I got a package in the mail that included the last few things needed for TI:

Enough drink mix for 72 hours, some 9er tubes and a sweet Cane Creek Thudbuster which I already have on the steed. Why? Cause I'd rather bust thud than bust my (_!_) .

I didn't spring for the limited edition HeadBuster :

It's a little too avante' garde for my taste.



which bike are you using? the cx?
heard good things about the thud buster.
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