Tuesday, April 18, 2006


When Shooting Something Just Isn't Enough

Saw this sign somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains a while back. Wonder if they give free instructions on how to field dress?

Seems like I'm at a 2 day lag on posting. Went for a nice Easter Sunday group ride with some folks. Justin was in town from DC and brought at least one hammer with him. He dropped it on us with a vicious pull into the head wind on the way home. Was the first time I rode 2 days in a row since surgery. Felt fine on the bike, but for the next 2 days am feeling totally spent.

4 minutes 5 seconds

How long it took me (from getting off the bike to getting back on) to fix the rear flat I got during the ride. Officially witnessed and verified by the group which was kind enough to stop wait and hold the stopwatch.



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