Saturday, March 18, 2006


Let the Games Begin-agin

So this Sunday the Va State BAR series gets under way. You got a hint sumthin' was up by the paucity of serious efforts at our Saturday 7:15 group ride. Or maybe the serious riders were those smart enough not to come out and waste their legs pulling into a 20mph wind? Seemed like we were all very comfortable letting JDeisel poke a hole into the fierce wind, and drag us through. Either way, you know the season is ON!

The field looks to be TWICE the size of last year's for the 40k TT today. Next weekend the second BAR event is the hilly Jeff Cup road race up in C-ville. These will be my first EVER road races. Gotta start somewhere. The only butt I'm sure to kick is my own. The forecast calls for more of the same wind. 15-20 out of the NNW. Which means a screaming fast first leg to the turn around, then a gut wrenching grind directly back into the teeth of the wind.

The TT also represents the culmination of almost 6 months of smack talkin' with regard to this whole gender based rivalry thing. Its been going on so long that I'm not sure anyone remembers the actual wager. Something about shaving some body parts or letting hair grow on others. Hmmmmm. Not since Billy Jean King trounced Bobby Riggs has an athletic event stirred up such a fury of hormones. Testosterone vs Estrogen? Whatever the outcome I'm sure they'll put in great rides, and most likely beat me. It even sparked a nice motivational note from our team prez.

Had a great night ride on Thursday through the 'switch. Rode the SS. Felt good.

Off to get my TT



John, heard you got a flat out there today. Is that true? Sorry to hear bout that man. At least half the battle was won, you looked fast!
Sorry no one told you about the birthday thing, it was a suprise to me
Yep, just call me Johnny Pffffffffffft. I was feelin good too. Oh well, there'll be other days.
As far as lookin' fast - It was unanimous - the birthday dog was the fastest lookin' guy out there!
Ahhhh FLAT??? That sucks dude. Hope to hear more. I'll never forget my first/last road race, ha! Take care, good luck. JM
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