Thursday, March 16, 2006


Miscellaneous Junk

NO!!! Not THAT junk.

Fellow Trans-Iowa entrant Paul J did a really nice gravel grinder on part of last years TI course. He put a nice writeup with photos here. Great job. The event nears. T-Minus 44 days till the start. (But who's counting?)

Paddy shut the door on his blog , presumably to get more riding in. Always was a good read and source of motivation. We miss it already. He said something about "spring" in the air. Dam man, that's Canada. Your spring is still gotta be colder than our winter. I'm sure he's out loggin' insane miles on one gear. Should have the Scott built up by now. Maybe watchin' some CSI?! hah.

UltraRob is finishing up Texas Hell week as training for solo RAAM this year. While there he's been posting on his blog daily. Good reads. Not only is he riding 100+ miles a day, but he's sleeping on the ground in a tent! WTG Rob. Allen Larsen, another solo 2006 RAAM entrant (and twice past finisher - 3rd in '02, and 1st in '03) is out there too. I believe that Allen is the only person to EVER beat Jure Robic at RAAM.

John Ceceri runs both the ADK 540 and the Saratoga 12/24. This year he's added a Brevet series. More info here. If you are up in that area I'm sure those would be great rides. Upstate New York is not only the place of my birth, but also a fantastically beautiful place to ride.

The last week was a buildup week, but I may have overcooked it a bit. Increased both mileage AND intensity. After a recovery ride on the rollers Tuesday night I tried a TT workout on the trainer yesterday and couldn't get my HR over 135. Need some more recovery rides I guess.

Funny reflections on last weeks rides:
I didn't notice till about an hour into my ride at Walnut Creek that my wheels didn't match. HAH! I guess I grabbed the stock rim when I packed up early in the morning and didn't even realize till I pulled overto take this picture. NO JOKES about the cool as $hite reflector. I'm sure that extra weight was what was making those climbs pure hell.
On the road ride I realized how much different the R3000 was from the Six13. The Six13 is a fantastic ultra bike. The carbon reduces the banging and vibrations of the road. The R3000 however is pure stiffness. When your legs say go - it moves forward without delay. Tradeoff is you DO feel every bit of the road.

Now get out there and get a



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