Thursday, May 18, 2006


Go and Get the GIMP

Seems like the weather has been terrible everywhere, except here. Been wonderfully sunny and warm, but not too hot. Problem is, I'm still a gimp. But even the gimp needs his moment in the sun.

Almost 2 weeks after Lodi I still have club foot. One attempted recovery ride the Tuesday following and my foot was almost too swollen afterward to take my shoe off. Not the foot at the end of this leg, but the other one. Been gimping around for close to 2 weeks. Daily wrapping with ACE bandage, and anti-inflammatories ad nauseum. But things are getting better every day and rides will be attempted this weekend. Maybe even tonight. Going to try really hard not to do any of this stuff:

Bike Crashes Montage
Watch it now on StupidVideos!

You can NOT watch that without a good wince or 3.

Big congrats to our master ace mechanic Rober'r'r'r'r'rio for being chosen by USACycing to wrench for the National Team at next years Pan-Am games in Brazil. Quite an honor.

Roberio, Charles C and me at the BDAY par-tay

Got some parts in and will be wrenching the Epic tonight. Big EVMA group ride to commemorate the NEW Ipswich on Sunday. Planning on doing the ride Viking style.

May is National Bike Month and tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day. Get on your steed, save some fossil fuel and ride to work. The Mayor of Orlando is doing it. Florida is one of the most bike friendly states I've ever ridden in.



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