Saturday, May 13, 2006


On the (Inter)National Scene

Now here's enough links to get car-pool tunnel syndrome, or sumthin' like that. So stretch first, then pace yourself and click carefully.

World Cup numero dos is happenin' over in Spain. Numero tres next weekend. T.Wells, the other JB, JH-K, Nick Ranno, Adam Craig and a slew of other fast folks are out there getting their EuroTrash RideOn. This tall guy is parlaying a super cross season into a great year so far on the MTB. Bet you didn't know he has a BLOG.

Added and rearranged some linkage over to the left. Trekker Tristen has been pretty regular with his posts, getting NORBA results up faster than all the cycling news media. He's riding well too.

Got caught up reading some (printed) VeloNews. Interesting article about the UltraEndurance 100 Series which starts soon at the Mohican 100. Fisher fast guy, and national solo 24 hour champ Cameron Chambers is making the series a priority and plans on arriving a week early at EACH venue to soak up all the local knowledge he can. Best of luck. "Met" him at Big Bear. While I was pushing my rear derailleurless stead up 6 miles of hills the lead group of 3 flies by. The Goat, Hendershot, and Cameron. Mr. Chambers shouts out "Need anything?". Actually had the feeling he'd of stopped if I said yes. Later on during an early morning lap he did stop to help w/a flat. He's a great rider and a class act.

The GIRO is just catching full stride and heads into it's second week. Lookin' like a showdown between Il Falco and Basso. I vote on the Disco boys.

A post with no photo? Dam, I must be slippin'.

Ordered some parts to fix up my racked up Epic. Dual control lever assembly, brake pads, etc. A picture ---->, I feel better all ready.

Lodi is taking on the persona of that older brother that would always pick on you and whoop your ass when you asked for it, but you keep going back for more. Next year is mine.



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