Saturday, May 06, 2006


Lodi Prequel

Up in FBurg for Lodi.

Pulled in to lot for a pre-ride. Just as I did the skies let loose a torrent of wet stuff. Complete with thunder and lightning.

Not too inviting, but it was still warm. A number of other vehicles there. People were out there riding, so why not?

The course is marked. Same direction as last year. Some new softer sections. Still the same old Lodi. Tight, twisty, rooted. Only 47 0r 48 logs to hop every lap. Flat log hops, downhill hops, side hill hops, and yes many of the dreaded uphill log hops.

Put some new Ergons on the RIG. Those bar ends might not be smart for Lodi. Many places the space between the trees you have to ride through is only barely wider than your handlebars. Only got hooked twice....................

Of course the roots were wet and slippery, but not angry and nasty. Get a few hundred bikes rollin' over 'em for twelve hours and the roots WILL get quite p'd off, and take their revenge on the tired hapless MTBers. By noon on Sunday the roots will start to look and act like snakes - they'll reach out and bite. Riders beware.

Got a lap in on the SS with my VIT (Viking In Training) helmet on. Gonna work hard in hopes of someday earning a battle axe.

Wet and muddy after the lap, but the weather should clear up for the midnight start.

A little shakey snippit from a helmet cam last year.

Off to claim our space and set up the pits.



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