Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Wake Up, This is the Real World

Lance's ex-wife Kristen was on the all-knowing Oprah show yesterday. I wondered what everyone thought? I watched it. Wrote up a long diatribe on the issues presented, then shelved it. I'm certainly no expert here (is anybody?). It doesn't make me sad she feels she "sacrificed herself" in her marriage. It does make me sad the the marriage failed because of it. I'll try and say no more, other than a quote from Mr Gwadz, a family man, AND a cyclist :

"life is hard... marriage is not always easy... there is a correlation between sacrifice and achievement "

nuf said. Getting married for your own personal fulfillment (man or woman) as many on the show are doing, is undeniably selfish and the first step down the path to failure (I may be an expert here). I'll shutup now.

More Lodi stuff.

Here's an idea of just how the course is laid out :

Not very clear? Maybe this will help :
That place and the race have become a focus of many of my idle thoughts. I can't wait to go back again next year. Despite (or maybe because of) the physical beating I took. Dealing with the poison ivy, the midnight start, the lack of sleep, the tight and twisty root covered trails littered with seemingly endless log hops. It's all part of the mystique. Even more so are the stories of triumph and defeat, friendship and brotherhood, joy and happiness. What really makes the event special is the people that participate. Unfortunately we never seem to get enough time to sit and BS because we're all so wrapped up in the tasks at hand. Doing what we have to do to set up camp, get our selfs and our equipment ready and getting the job done. Many reports have surfaced, and more likely will. So if you like reading real race reports from real people, with real lives, in the real world (I love it), check some of these links when you have some time to waste. They're good reads.

Soiled Chamois




Team City Bikes

Now go out and get your



very nice john, very nce! I enjoyed your links to harpo!
lodi is one of my most favorite races anywhere...

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