Sunday, May 07, 2006


Lodi Sweet Lodi

Impressive performances by many (definately not me) in the record crowd.

More later. but this pretty much sums up my night/day:

Had a great time none the less. I think Lodi is an awesome course. Great vibe, great folks, some incredible riders.

This year they lengthened the Le Mans start to 1/2 mile (yuck). 1/3 of it on single track (ouch).

I invented some new ways to stack it.

More to follow.


I was looking forward to meeting you. I don't think I did, but maybe at another race.

Hopefully you had a good time? The last couple of laps I was hatin' it, while in the moment. Afterwards, it was sweet.



Thanks again for setting up the pop up n'at. much appreciated. Hope your car made it home ok.

Hey if you have time (ONLY if you have time) can you do me a favor. If you got any digital video from the race. I think you got me in the creek crossing. Could you e mail me a SMALL quicktime or .mov clip? I'd like to give one to for the site. Full props will be given to you of course. If not any pict would be appreciated too. JoErin only founc time to take some picts of B-Man ;)

Talk later.

did I mention

I snagged that image of me down below
linked to your page underneith it
who took the shot
as i did not credit them
No problem snaggin' the photo. I took it. No need for credit. I didn't know who it was, now I do!

and congrats on the great ride. CityBikers kicked some buttocks out there.

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