Saturday, May 13, 2006


A Saddleless Saturday

So I couldn't make the Coghill Ride. The plan was for the team to meet at the Redmill Store and cruise over to the Amphitheatre as a group before the ride. I got a slow start so I missed getting photos of the group at the gathering. Instead had to lay in wait (a whole 2-3 minutes) and ambush them with a video camera.

The Blue/Orange TriPower flame train was there and gone in a blink of an eye, with TimS(tud) pulling 'em along and stringin' 'em out. Just a warm up for the 75+ miles that followed. I was left to sit and work in the office, massaging (as Liz would say) my blog (note the new logos and linkage up above) while dreaming about being out there, burning up the pavement with mi hombres.

A cheesy video, or how to stretch 8 seconds of film into 30.

Raw footage can be seen here.

Others caught at the stop light:
Sprinter el supremo MarcG along with the DAGnacious one and others.

Good to see Marc back on the bike after a helmet splattering crash a month ago at 30+ in the last turn of the C3 Crit. The only rider in front of him flatted. Sumanabeetch.

Adam is attempting to do the audioblog thing during the Kokopelli Trail Race, so check his site out. Not sure there'll be much cell phone coverage between Moab and Fruita, but I hope so.



Nice video. That was the pace the whole day (as you can imagine) except for the 20 min of police escort part. Hundreds of riders and I end hanging on to the same 20 I always ride with. Hmm. . . I said you manicure, not massage, but that sure works.
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