Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Ultra Distance Madness

ON the Ultra distance front :

Slovenian's Marko Baloh and (twice RAAM winner) Jure' Robic set a new 24 hour road distance record at the 24 Kraftwerk Trophy Race in Austria. You'll need to be bilingual to read that site. Gotta love the only English on the page - "SUFFER this 24h RACE". Both are entered in the enduro (not the traditional) version of RAAM this year. Since Jure' will "only" be required to average 4 hours of sleep a night his training is focused on "speed endurance". UMKAY. I guess this would mean going over 600 miles in one day, which he and his buddy Marko did. 600 miles. That's a good month for many. This was a drafting event and they were allowed to draft teams in the race. Still incredible. Robic' also has the non-drafting 24 hr record at just over 521 miles.

Only 25 days left till RAAM start. If you know anyone that would like to crew, UltraRob is short a crew member or 2. Would be a good adventure for a college student or someone with the summer off. The dates are from June 11th through the 21st. From California to Atlantic City. Rob will pay food and lodging. Just email me - this blog's name at mindspring dot com. I can hook ya'll up.

Drivin' the train, cause somebody has to.



PS - What happened to Jimmy's blog - 2DRUNK2SHIFT? Is it now 2DRUNK2BLOG? or maybe 2MARRIED2DRINK, or 2MARRIED2BLOG? you're guess is as good as mine. I'll have to go ask.

alright! alright! alright! check out the new postings. gosh!
Somebody has to keep you in line! Well done
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