Monday, May 01, 2006


The T-I Aftermath

Trans-Iowa is officially "over". After seeing the photos and reading the reports I wasn't sure if I felt happy or sad that I couldn't make it. The reality is that I feel both. Tremendous amount of respect to those that started the thing and even more to those that hung in there through the nastiness. It takes a special breed of humanity to lay it on the line and face the unknown, and in this case impossible.

My mind plays out a hundred possible scenarios if I would've been able to go. But they're all pure conjecture, imagination and moot.

The end "results" - No one finished even the first (150 miles) part of the course. After 15 hours only 2 guys were still out there. They stopped at 130 miles. Sub 50 degree temps and relentless rain took its toll on the course and participants.

I'm absolutely sure that many can't fathom how it could take 15 hours to "ride" 130 miles. Just look at the pictures. I think this one tells a part of story pretty well.

Some race reports :

Guitar Ted and Jeff Kerkove race organizers.

A video by JK.


Joe Partridge

The T-I post race discussion thread.

Paul Jacobson

Dave Simmons

I'm sure more will be coming up as the time goes by.

These conditions only make enigma and legacy of T-I grow. This race was an Epic the day it started last year, and it's legend will continue to perpetuate. To date 120 people have entered, only 9 finished. Truly amazing.


J--sorry you could not make the race you prepared so well for. I guess even that quick tube change would not have helped much in cold darn rain! I hope you will come to MM in Blacksburg at the end of this month.
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