Monday, April 24, 2006


Good and Bad

First the Good :

We had a nice dinner party Friday to celebrate KDog and Fast Lisa getting upgraded to Cat 3.

Lisa got enough upgrade points in a record 3 races, then went on to win her first C123 Crit yesterday.

Someone was also having a birthday. Much thanks to all for coming and sharing some good food with good friends. The dinner was great and the homemade dessert was too.

The party was organized and the dessert catered by GwG - Girls with Guns.

Thanks again. You two rock my world!

Michellie couldn't make it, but sent her regards.

The Bad :

I sadly had to pull the plug on Trans-Iowa. I'm not going to go through all the details because I don't like dwelling on the bad stuff. As difficult as it was to make the call, I know it was the correct decision. There is always next year. My bike and gear are already set up and poised to go. I will wait with baited breath to hear the reports. My gut feeling prediction - the conditions will be tough but tolerable. At least twice as many more people will finish than last year.

The thing I will miss the most is getting to meet and ride with all the folks that I've been getting to know through the internet. You all are what really makes these events special. Best of luck to everyone.

To make a long story short:

The Doc told me on Friday that the surgery was more involved than he expected. He had to remove a large amout of muscle tissue from my throat to get the whole lump. This explains why I was still getting run down and feverish after any rides. Biopsy results were negative for the C word.

At the century on Sunday I got taken out by a squirrelly rider in the very first mile. Went down hard. Got up and rode well for 40+ more miles. Actually was feelin' quite good on the the bike until the adrenalin from the accident wore off and I started to feel what was really hurt. I had all the typical scrapes and bumps you get when this happens - knee, elbow, and hip. In addition to all that I somehow bruised my, ummmm, junk, if you know what I mean. Was impossible to even sit on the saddle and peddle after 35 miles or so. I rode much of the next 5 standing and pulled out at a rest stop. My friend Andy was able to finish his first century and has a more detailed report here.

Oh yeah - I rode with the Wingnut Adventure pack loaded up for the first time. It worked wonderfully. I'll have a review up later this week.

Time to sit back, heal and regroup. My cycling season, which only a month ago seemed to be getting off to a great start, has to be total rethought.

When it comes down to it the three most valuable things in this life are :

Your family
Your friends, and
Your health.

So be sure to do your best to hang on to all of 'em. Then get out there and get your



Sorry to hear it. We will definately see you at TI V.3

I am glad to hear the good news that the doctor had to share about it not being cancerous. In the scheme of things missing this race is nothing. It if important for you to heal up and you have made a good decision. You are right: Family, friends, and health!

See you next year JB!

sorry to hear about you TI plans, glad to hear your negative on the C word... Happy B-day, see you in Iowa in 07...unless someone has a stoopid long race in your neck of the woods of course!

Take Care,

Patrick Humenny
I am very sorry to hear that you won't be joining us in Iowa. I know how pissed/disappointed/demoralized I would be if I couldn't go.

Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery with you throat.

I like your note about what is important. As someone who just found out they are losing thier job (and with it, most of the rest of my race season!), I will take it to heart.


Health is first man. Thank God no "C" ! Rest up and get better. Bruised junk? Ooooouch.

Should be nice turn out at Lodi you should come over.

Take care man.

Thanks guys, I'll be there in spirit. And I'll be there next year. As far as stoopid long races around here, we got none Paddy.
Odss of me goin to the great white north are far better than you guys coming down here.

SO get out there, ride safe and ride well. I'll be thinking about ya'll every peddle revolution of the way.

Hang in there Joe, things always work out.

Just remember what Chief Dan George said in Josey Wales :

"Endeavor to Perservere."

Sometimes it's all we can do.


And Skip - I hope you do the audio blog thing. I'll be checkin'. Although from experience I can say that it's a heck of a lot of numbers to be punchin' in on a cell phone after 20 hours or so on a bike. SO good luck.
Get healed up, get some rest, and you will be back at it in no time. To bad about TI, I was looking forward to hearing your report. You could still make the trip just to heckle all those freaks!
that's bumming, but dude, that's great news it's nothing horrible (c word). what really got me was your bruised junk comment. talk about adding injury to ... injury. yack!

adirondack 540 in sept? you've done that one before, though, right?
hey man, sorry to hear your going through tough times..Hope your recovery is a smooth one.
I really like that Specialized cross about a comfortable and FAST ride!
Happy birhtday JB.

Sorry about your "junk" and the surgical complications. Got a few rides planned if your thinking about heading north.

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