Friday, April 21, 2006


The Bike is Ready..............

The (almost) final bike set-up for Trans-Iowa :

Have to choose the CX bike just 'cause I'm more comfortable on it than the others. The build details are back here.

Have 3 choices of tires, will decide once conditions are more clear. Right now have the Bonty 1.8 on the rear and Ritchy Excavader (35mm) on the front. Also have skinnier faster rolling Ritchey Speedmax Comp (30 mm) to use if needed.

Missing from this setup are clip on aero bars which will greatly increase comfort. The more contact points the better. At the end of a ride like this contact points will be the focus of most of the discomfort. The clip ons also make for a nice cockpit to hold route sheet and mount lights.

The Handy Dandy JanDDy frame bag and stem bag will be key to keep fuel close at hand.

The frame bag will also hold reserve batteries for nightrider HID at night.

Initial impressions of the Cane Creek Thudbuster are.................

Felt really freaky at first but really smoothed out the bumps. The S-Works frame lacks the comfortable compliance of steel. The Thudbuster makes it almost as comfy as the living room sofa. It's set up with the softest "shocks" right now. I'll be putting in some stiffer ones.

Gel, Gel, everywhere :

A layer of Fi'zi:k BAR:GEL covered by "dark pink" gel tape. Nice fat thick squishy bars for long term gripping comfort.

Gel elbow pads on the aerobars

Specialized butt measured gel saddle.

A huge Wingnut Adventure pack with (2) 3 liter bladders will keep me going for a long time with more than enough room to carry everything on the list and then some.

Many will choose to ride lighter and stop more often. I've ridden over 24 hours starting with 6 liters of fluid on my back and it doesn't bother me. Once I get going, I like to keep going. Keeps stops at a minimum. It's just the way I roll.

So the bike and gear are ready............................

What about the rider?

Good question. One month ago, before surgery, things couldn't have been going better. The best early season training and riding I've ever done. Now? Far from recovered yet, but getting better daily. Doctors appointment today, and a little point to point 100 miler into a 20mph headwind tomorrow will tell the tale.

Andy put a map of tomorrow's Tour de Cure Century on his site. This'll be my fourth year doing it. A great ride for a great cause. Everyone that rides should do a few charity rides a year. Ride for something/someone other than yourself. ALWAYS a headwind on this one that gets more and more intense the closer you get to the end. Last year the winds were 30mph STEADY with gusts to 50. They deemed it not safe to cross the long (2-3 mile) bridges in that crosswind, and made it an out and back ride. I'll know after that ride whats going on.

RideOn. and RideSafe


PS - Good luck to Jason, Jeff W, Andy and all others racing this weekend.

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